NanoCalc Reflectometer Software

This Reflectometer Software runs for Ocean Optics USB2000+, NIR-Quest, Maya Pro, STS and other actual OceanOptics spetrometers.

Together with these spectrometers, a fiber, an OceanOptics light source and with NanoCalc 5.0 software, we can provide a fully functional Reflectometer thin-film measuring system.

NanoCalc 5.0 is the new Thickness and N&K measurement software for reflectometryand offers features for:

  • Fast analysis of transparent and partially absorbing films with a thickness range of <10 nm - 250 μm
  • Extraction of thickness, optical properties n & k, and other layer parameters
  • Simulation and measurement of multilayer systems (weakly absorbing or transparent)
  • Enhanced user interface with new graphics and fast recipe selection mode for production environment
  • Analysis of multilayer film stacks, up to 10 layers including 1 thick layer
  • Use of reference systems
  • Automated film mapping on substrates up to 300 mm diameter with 2D and 3D graphic analysis
  • Online process control with multi point measurement capability
  • Remote control via OLE-commands from external software
  • FFT analysis method
  • Reflectometer Hardware setup: OO spectrometer , fiber, light source, sample holder, step-wafer

NanoCalc Software Video Tutorials

Basic features of NanoCalc

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FFT - Tutorial for NanoCalc 4

User Interface tutorial for NanoCalc 4